How to Use Affirmations

Using affirmations is actually a very simple technique. All you need to do is repeat your chosen statements over and over again, as often as you can, with as much confidence as you can muster. The more confident you are in your affirmations, the quicker your conscious and subconscious mind will accept the new programming.

Another powerful method of using affirmations is to record them and play the recording in the background while you do other things. This taps into the power of subliminal messaging, which distracts the conscious mind long enough for the subconscious mind to notice and store the positive statements presented to it by the recording. There is some evidence that playing the recording while you sleep can also be effective.

Another method that can produce better results is to use a video with your affirmations. Watching the video while you repeat the affirmations targets several of your intelligences and parts of your brain (visual, oral and aural) because you will be looking at the images and word while reading the statements to yourself and out loud.

How to Choose Effective Affirmations

Essentially, an effective affirmation will describe the end result you want, phrased as you would normally say it in everyday conversation. And for even greater effect, you should use several affirmations for the same goal, each phrased slightly differently, to give your conscious and subconscious mind the most options to internalize that idea. However, the ideas and concepts behind your chosen affirmations are much more important than the specific words used to phrase them.