the art of inspired living
All that we are is the result of what we have thought... Buddha c. 500 BCE (spiritual teacher)
The Art of Inspired Living

These short, inspirational movies will help you start to re-program your conscious and subconscious mind with supporting beliefs and habits so it functions automatically in accord with your desires.  They contain purposeful pictures and photos:  unique, creative images that you can relate to, images of places you’ve been to or might wish to go.

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How It Works

Plain and simple, you want to reprogram your mind with positive “self-talk” or messages to yourself. Our minds are powerful, beyond our recognition – and it is all about re-training our thought patterns, from negative to positive. The more we think about the negatives, the more our subconscious starts to believe what we are telling it.

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Improving Sports Performance

No matter what your game is, improve it the mental way by getting rid of limiting beliefs and reprogramming your subconscious. The power of suggestion on your subconscious should not be overlooked. Most of us have rigid ideas about who we are, what we can or cannot do and what we do or don’t believe about ourselves and our abilities.

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