How It Works

Plain and simple, you want to reprogram your mind with positive “self-talk” or messages to yourself. Our minds are powerful, beyond our recognition – and it is all about re-training our thought patterns, from negative to positive. The more we think about the negatives, the more our subconscious starts to believe what we are telling it.

Our subconscious cannot tell the difference between truth and fiction. Everything you tell yourself and everything you think, your subconscious believes to be true and works outside of your conscious awareness to prove you are right.

Brain research has shown us that whatever thoughts we persistently focus on, especially when there is strong emotion attached to them, automatically creates stronger and larger neuron groups in the brain. If you are constantly bombarding yourself with negative thoughts and feelings, you attract more negative into your life since this is what you are focusing on. Instead of dwelling on negative or limiting beliefs, focus on the positives to make the negatives go away. The positive messages that you absorb into your mind will, over time, alter the way you see yourself and your potential.

How It Works

Traditional psychology utilizes the power of positive thinking in cognitive therapy or cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), a recognized and accepted psychotherapeutic approach used to effectively treat mental disorders such as depression, anxiety, phobias and other issues. It is a therapy based on a combination of behavioral and cognitive research. On a very basic level, it is a means of becoming aware of destructive or negative patterns of thinking and changing these to or replacing them with more positive or supportive thoughts.

Some of the positive benefits of re-programming your subconscious include: reducing stress and the production of the stress hormone cortisol, reducing chronic pain, strengthening both the right and left brain by creating new neural pathways, greater clarity in which ideas and answers will come to you, feeling more in harmony with everyone and everything, dissipation of emotional issues (fear, anxiety, stress, depression, etc).

Each one of us has a personally powerful and motivating reason to change. It is important that you identify that reason and feel the emotions that accompany it. When we experience powerful emotion and feeling, our brain links those feelings to ideas and creates new neural pathways in the brain. Those new neural pathways become our new beliefs and habits. To see images of the brain creating new neural pathways, watch this short video:

Repetition of positive messages, both verbal and visual, works effectively to reprogram your subconscious. New neural pathways (memory) are created without your awareness through repetition. Your subconscious mind absorbs these positive messages, the pictures and the affirmations, as if they are real.  Each video combines all of these elements putting you in a relaxed, receptive state while delivering positive messages to your conscious and subconscious mind.

Choose your highest priority goal and work on it repetitively until it is satisfactorily and successfully resolved.  You are trying to target your mind with focused messages. If you try to absorb too many different messages at once, it may take the focus away from your highest priority goal.



  • create your video keeping your highest priority goal as the focal point
  • watch your video twice each day
  • watch in a relaxed state of mind
  • watch upon waking in the morning and just before sleep at night
  • watch your targeted message video for at least 30 days
  • while watching your video, SMILE and repeat the affirmations out loud with enthusiasm
Watching your targeted message video upon waking in the morning and just before sleep at night is optimal because this is when your mind is in the Theta (super learning) brain state. Theta can bring you into a heightened state of receptivity and inspiration as well as a deep state of meditation. Theta also plays an important part in behavior modification and is an ideal state for learning and re-programming your mind. Theta meditation increases creativity, enhances learning and reduces stress. You can get an app for your ipad or iphone called Brainwaves from The Unexplainable Store. They sell a variety of CDs and mp3s including one called Manifestation that you can use to reach the Theta state. The frequency of brainwaves can be altered and even controlled through the use of the sound waves on the recordings.

For a lengthier explanation of these ideas and how many of these processes work, particularly the science behind them, I highly recommend Gene Auger’s website about self help techniques that work. Many of his ideas have been paraphrased here.