The Art of Inspired Living

These short, inspirational movies will help you start to re-program your conscious and subconscious mind with supporting beliefs and habits so it functions automatically in accord with your desires.  They contain purposeful pictures and photos:  unique, creative images that you can relate to, images of places you’ve been to or might wish to go.

These videos blend positive inspiration with artistic visualization for improved performance and more effective results. The result is a feeling of being grounded, centered, inspired and motivated. You become and attract what you think about the most so you should let go of anything that generates negative feeling and instead, If you catch yourself falling into a pattern of negative thinking, take a short break and watch one of the videos to change to a positive thought pattern.

Your subconscious cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination. With proper visualization techniques you can implant imagined scenarios in your mind to effect permanent change. Once you have repeated a visualization for seven days, you have created new neural pathways of thought and memory. After 21 to 30 days, you have successfully created a new “habit.” Virtually anything you choose to change about yourself can be changed. A video can be personalized for you with specific images and messages that relate directly to your goals in order to attain the most effective and comprehensive results. If you are a “visual” learner, this is the method for you! Please feel free to use any of these sample videos as often as you would like. For a custom video, please see Contact page.

Improve your life with the power of positive thinking…

It is human nature to focus on making money, finding a relationship, losing weight, etc. thinking that if we achieve these goals, we will be happy. If your ultimate goal is to be happy, make a conscious choice to be happy now, and your life will improve. As the saying goes: If you do what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten. You have to let go of where you are right now, to get where you want to be.

Subconscious Comics - Tim Eagan

Start by accepting yourself exactly as you are. That does not mean that there is not room for improvement, just that you are perfectly acceptable as you are right now. And let go of the past, you can’t change it – the most important time in your life is right now!

The FUNdamentals

  • accept yourself as you are
  • leave the past behind you
  • look for the silver lining in every situation
  • keep a gratitude journal
  • practice giving thanks for what you do have
  • review gratitude journal for reminders
Be grateful for everything that you have, no matter how small and insignificant it is. Write down 5 things (anything) each day that you are happy, grateful or thankful for. Possible topics might include a place to live, family, pets, a job and an income, physical health, relationships, career, financial, learning and education, nature, emotions, past experiences, entertainment, leisure, sports. This practice takes only a few minutes yet will improve your outlook almost instantly. When you are focusing on being thankful, you are looking for what is good. The more you practice being thankful, the more neuron (thought) patterns of gratitude you create in your brain. A thankful person is constantly re-programming their subconscious to “expect” good.  When necessary, reviewing your gratitude journal can easily and quickly get you back on track. Just looking at it will remind you of all you have to be thankful for. You will be amazed at how dramatically your life will change and improve when you express gratitude for everything – especially the small things in life.

About Sara

Sara has a master’s degree in education and has done graduate work in clinical psychology. She has advised, taught and coached for over two decades working with a wide spectrum of adolescents and adults from academically driven students to nationally ranked athletes and everything in between including eating disorders, anxiety and depression. Sara is an artist and teaches drawing and painting, digital photography and video. She has lived all over the work including the US, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico – currently residing in the northeast of Boston. Sara’s mission is to use art combined with the power of positive thinking to help people live more grounded, centered, inspired and motivated lives. She strives to empower people to live the lives they would like to live by helping them articulate and achieve their goals.